is live!  This site is dedicated to bringing you the tools you need to achieve fantasy baseball victory.  We provide a variety of features, including our blog RosterSourced Content, our Top 250 Fantasy Players with 2015 Rostersourced Projections, the Fantasy Team Projection Tool which allows you to plan and assemble a championship team, and the Top Fantasy Impact Prospects will alert you to which prospects are worth rostering this season.  Every part of RosterSourced is completely free, so check in often to crush your competition.

We will be posting on each of our features in our first series of articles.  This series will introduce you to the tools available, and explain how each feature was assembled so that you can get the most out of your RosterSourced experience.

RosterSourced will also feature posts about fantasy baseball in general on a regular basis.  Suggestions/questions/comments please feel free to email us, or get in touch with us through any of the social media in the top right corner of this page.

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    Mike Boiardi

    Mike is a co-founder of RosterSourced and developed the Team Projections Tool.  You can email him here.

    Jesse Morrill-Winter

    Jesse is a co-founder of RS and is involved in projections, prospects and impact first year players in addition to regular content.  You can contact him here.

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