It's time to start preparing for your 2015 draft or auction.  Plan out your team.  Are you in a keeper league?  Use our completely free FTP tool to fill out your keeper list and help you make the last few keeper decisions.  Let  me use a recent example of someone looking for keeper help:

"So I run in to this problemy every year where I've built a really good team and can't decide who to keep. This is my fifth year in a keeper league and I have a lot of talent on my roster and can't totally decide. Obviously some of these guys are no brainers but I'm just looking for some feed back: so out of the following which 7 guys would you keep for offense?  I have 3 keepers for pitching locked in.  Default Yahoo! positions, 3OF 1 Util.
Giancarlo Stanton
Mike Trout
Jacoby Ellsbury
Freddie Freeman
Carlos Gonzalez
Hanley Ramirez
Anthony Rendon
George Springer
Nolan Arenado
10 team h2h league"

Well start with the no brainers.  Go to the FTP tool, select the Yahoo! setting for positions, and select the no bariners in their positions:
Now, you can see where his team stands in the different categories relative to his goals at the bottom.  He looks pretty balanced, and those are some good keepers.  The last two keeper slots are a little tougher, and this is where the FTP tool can really help.  Lets select each of the players left for consideration and look at all their Steamer projections next to each other:
Having all the Steamer projections next to each other for the players being considered for the last two keeper slots helps to make the decision easier.  Looking at those numbers, and considering positional needs, it seems that Hanley Ramirez is a clear choice.  After that, since his OF positions are full, Arenado might be his choice.  Or maybe he believes there is upside for Springer, and he sees that his team has a high average and could carry a low one like Springer is likely to have.  It will come down to personal opinion, but the FTP tool can really go a long way in organizing your team goals and aiding in the decision making process.  Here is what his team with keepers looks like assuming he chooses Hanley and Arenado:
Looking pretty good.  Now it's time to prepare for the draft or auction, and in the next post in this series, we will take a look at how the FTP tool can help you get ready to dominate your competition.


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